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Adam is a SAAS auction platform empowered with Artificial Intelligence (AI). On one hand, AI allows machines to replicate the human mind’s capabilities. On the other hand, AI can deal with a huge amount of data and make useful insights and conclusions out of it. This is critically important in the nowadays competitive business environment. First, Adam:


  • Is user-friendly and mobile-friendly. Mobile internet traffic accounts for 60% of the total traffic globally 2022
  • Decrease the need for employees to run auctions (decrease the number of employees selling real estate)
  • Reduce time consumption for real estate agents (uploading property info, setting up auctions, etc.)
  • Increase the satisfaction of buyers (easy registration, easy to find the desired property, easy to bid, automated bidding till the desired price)
  • Empower to sell more (identify „hot“ customers, generate personal offers, dynamic packages from the desired property for every single buyer)
  • Automate auctions (without human interaction)


Why Adam is so helpful for real estate sellers?

It‘s an online auction platform. So it‘s a new approach for your customers. Nowadays people are less and less willing to interact face to face. They are not willing to bargain. But they still want to get the best deal and compete. That‘s why auctions are more and more popular across the globe.


How is Adam making online auctions even better?

It has AI which is dedicated to working 24/7 for you and constantly trying to help you to sell more. Adam and AI can simply answer to few questions that come to your mind.

Here are some issues and questions real estate sellers are facing which can be easily answered or solved by Adam AI:
What is the price of my property?

Working without Adam. Simple question. Google it. Check a few sites selling property and will come back with the answer in about 5 – 10 minutes. Or you can order services for determining property value. It will cost you and they will come back with an answer in a few days.

Working with Adam. Don‘t spend time on research or money on services. Get the price immediately. Adam has a special AI engine which is following market trends and prices 24/7 and it‘s able to tell you what is the price for which the probability to sell your property is 90%. We call it AI price. What Adam needs is the entrance to the data about sold properties in your country. And that‘s not all. Adam can predict the prices which have the probability to sell the property at 70%, 50%, or 25%. This means that if you are not rushing you can increase your wish price a bit higher than the market price, but still have quite a high chance to sell it.

How Adam can help to sell the property within a set time frame?

First – follow the AI price. It‘s a predicted price with a 90% chance to sell your property.

Set your time frame. The auction platform is flexible. You can have auctions that last different periods of time.

Personal offer. Adam has a special AI engine which is identifying the specific needs of every single buyer. It follows their action in the system, watching their choices, and checking their history. It means AI really knows what their dream home or house is. Based on this information AI can advertise properties that they desire. This means buyers will find property faster, with less effort. And what is the best part – your property will be found by more interested buyers with less effort because Adam is working for you.

How Adam can help to increase interest from buyers?

Adam is an online auction platform. That‘s why it allows attracting buyers from distant regions which increases the interest in property Online means a wider audience of buyers.


Personal offer functionality – create an original list of advertised properties for every single buyer based on their actions and history in the Adam platform. It increases the number of buyers who have checked your listed property. AI is advertising it for buyers who are looking for the same properties as yours. So whole flow generated by this Personal offer functionality is potential buyers with high interest in your property.


Your property has no “price tag” therefore buyers are not comparing your property on price alone. It also encourages the greatest range of buyers to bid who may otherwise only be looking within certain price ranges.


Adam’s auction platform decreases the need for face-to-face communication or bargaining. Everything happens online. Such a way of buying is getting more and more popular, especially among new generations. So it‘s a perfect tool to attract such customers.

Increasing interest from would-be purchases is made easier because an auction date creates a sense of urgency and maximizes marketing efficiency.

How Adam can help to decrease time spend on inspections?

It‘s up to the rules of auction, but quite often property that is sold in auctions is not allowed to inspect before the auction. It saves time and reduces disruption. On the other hand, photos, videos, and descriptions of your property should be informative if you wish to attract more buyers.

How Adam can help to maximize profit?

There is a “reserve price” which ensures that you never sell your home for less than you want.


If there will be a buyer which is really willing to buy your property – it‘s possible to buy it for the „Buy it now“ price. In this case, you will get a higher price and your property will be sold immediately. So not only maximizing your profit but also saving time.


Using AI-predicted prices with a 70%, 50%, or 25% probability to sell you can increase your price if you are not rushing to sell.


If you expect a higher price it‘s a great idea to have an auction that lasts longer. In this case, more potential buyers will check your property and there are higher chances to get a better price.


Selling your property in a Texas auction will ensure that you will receive the maximum number of bids and there will be no buyers who lost the opportunity to bid because time has run out. Another great idea is to sell property in a Sealed auction. Here buyers have only one chance to bid and they don‘t see bids from other buyers while the auction is finished. It means they are bidding maximum on what they can afford. Another great idea is to mix a few types of auctions. In this case, the Forward auction (at the beginning) mixed with the Texas auction (at the end of the auction) would work perfectly. In the beginning, all bids would be seen by all buyers, and everyone can place a higher bid. But just before the finish of the auction rules will be changed to Texas auction. This means all participants will have time to think and will not miss the opportunity to place their biggest bids.

Is it possible to automate the whole sales process with Adam?

Full automation. Adam allows landlords to automate their selling process fully. It means Adam via integration can get whole properties from other systems (from ERP, or other solutions), calculate target price based on provided formulas, and upload selected properties to auction on the presented date and time. Each auction can have preset rules. No human interaction is needed after everything was set.

How Adam can help to cut costs?

Working without Adam. Cut costs? No problem. Here are a few standard solutions: hire less skilled employees, cut the marketing budget, and reduce the number of employees. But will it give you positive outcomes in sales? We have doubts. Unless you will start using the latest technologies.


Working with Adam. Adam has a special AI engine called Customer status prediction. Customers’ status prediction engine is tracking the activity and historical data of each buyer and is able to identify when a buyer is „cold“, „warm“ or „hot“. Based on this information your managers or marketing campaigns can reach these customers with special offers to force them to buy. How does it save time? Your managers spend their time dealing only with warm or hot customers which reduces their load by at least 50%. It means you need fewer managers. It‘s possible to automate communication with buyers having different statuses. Again, it saves time for managers and the marketing team. Adam is also able to predict customer status changes during the next 3 weeks. This prediction allows dealers to identify buyers who are not satisfied and prevent from losing them or to find out reasons why buyers are not satisfied. And again, it allows for planning different activities with buyers having different statuses. It saves time for managers and makes the sales process way more efficient.


Full automation. Adam allows landlords to automate their selling process fully. It means Adam via integration can get whole properties from other systems (from ERP, or other solutions), calculate target price based on provided formulas, and upload selected properties to auction on the presented date and time. Each auction can have presented rules. No human interaction is needed after everything was set.


Decrease the number of employees to 0 and employ AI. This allows for sustaining the same level of proficiency and even increasing expertise. Reduce costs for attracting new buyers by preventing existing ones from leaving.

Stability and safety of the system

100% meeting GDPR requirements


The system is composed of different microservices. This means increasing the cloud could be easily handled and it won’t affect the stability of the system.


Your data is safe. Adam has a separate database for each customer.


Adam is running on Microsoft Azure. It’s one of the safest and most trusted environments in digital world.

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