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Do you think that Adam is the best that could happen in the world of the auctions as we do? In that case, we can become Partners!
We welcome entrepreneurs, companies, technology enthusiasts, and anyone looking for business opportunities in the auction industry.
Our product + Your experience in sales -> Mutual benefit
Benefits of joining ADAM:
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You would be working in a fast-growing industry – the growth forecast is 1.61 billion USD during a period of 2022-2025
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No commission cap – your earnings depend only on your effort and results
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We are going to share all our experience gained during more than 12 years of running and managing auctions
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Long-term partnership and assistance throughout your journey
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Dedicated account manager to help you get started and land successful deals
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Authorized partners go through a training academy to learn everything they need about the auction market, and how to run a business successfully
How can we start working together?
Authorized partnership
To qualify for the Authorized partnership, you or your company must have the right to distribute the Adam software in the agreed location. You should have a license or legal permission to run such an activity. According to your chosen plan, you will get commissions and a marketing budget. 
Affiliate partner
If you have an audience or you are an expert in related industries or a thought leader in your field, you can start as our affiliate partner. After signing an agreement, you will get the percentage from sales for a 12-months period.

The payout model is up to 20% revenue share for generated leads.
Content and media
Our partnership package is not limited to businesspeople. We welcome partners from the media space and invite bloggers, influencers, consultants, social media experts, podcasters, or any other media member that wants to ross-post, feature their writing on our blog, co-host a webinar or join forces for a white paper. We’re open to ideas and are excited to explore new opportunities.
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